Commune Coffee Shop

CAM00672   One day in our office in Makati, the building’s Jura Impressa wasn’t available for the weekend and the free instant coffee were kept in the cupboard. So, I decided to check Google Maps for nearby coffee shops where I can have lunch and coffee. And I stumbled upon Commune along H.V. Dela Costa which is only a few minutes walk from our office. Continue reading “Commune Coffee Shop”


Orphan Black Season 2 premiers today* :)

season 2 viewing pass

I’m dirt poor atm and can’t afford the season pass to watch it online haha

But then I’m so glad the show is coming back today (*tomorrow my time actually). I think it’s one of the most underrated shows there are and I’ve been telling people to watch it.

I’d like to discuss this show in depth and how amazing it is, but I’ll be doing some travelling in the next few weeks, so I do hope I get more time to read and write.

Trailer in the mean time:

Thoughts on La Vie d’Adele (obvs spoilers)

Note: this is an undrafted post, written straight from my tablet using Blogsy.

I couldn’t finish watching La Vie d’Adele without bawling my eyes out.

SEX! Whole 7 minutes of it! This may be the film’s selling point for some. But please do allow me to be pretentious by explaining how I got interested in this and why I liked it.

In my defense, two words: Léa Seydoux. I’ll watch anything with this mademoiselle in it – even the Prada Candy ads on Youtube, no matter how silly they get. I’ve mentioned this in my previous post regarding the graphic novel this film was adapted from so feel free to use the search bar. It’s pretty shallow, but I got crazy the moment I heard she was going to be in it.

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I will not take paperback for an answer!


Few months ago I was hesitant to place an order for Batwoman v4 because BookDepository only had the paperback version available for pre-order (same with Amazon.) The other day, I checked over TBD and was finally happy to see that it will be in hardback.

No need to worry about my collection’s consistency! Unfortunately, my PayPal account is empty (hehe) so I will need to wait some more.

I’m dying to read this volume since in volume 3, we found that Elizabeth (kate’s twin) is still alive and was actually the reason why Kate badly wanted the sarcophagus the first part of Hydrology. And yes, Kate proposed to Maggie in volume three.

In the mean time, I’m going for broke with Wonder Woman Odyssey.

Adopting Kids teehee


Personally,  I’m more of a WWF kind of supporter but I’ve been ambushed by a UNICEF fundraiser one day while shopping stuff for mum. I looked at their programs and saw that it’s a little cheaper for my age group (24 yo’s). I’ve been looking for a cause I can (afford to) support so I signed up.

The minimum term is two years, and there’s a monthly recurring donation to be charged on my credit card.

It’s cool that David Beckham supports this cause, but it wasn’t exactly the main selling point for me.

Yes, I certainly do need to blog often and as random as possible. Maybe refrain from mincing stuff on Twitter? I am personally bored by this blog’s template I’m looking into new ones I can install.

Now Playing: Paramore (2013 album)

Sorry for being almost a year late, but it’s only today that I got to listen to Paramore’s self-titled album from 2013.

I gave up on them back in college but the recent album is just a good mix of different styles and so easy to listen to, without losing the edge Paramore has always been known for.