Pride Month and The Sims

Rainbow Sims
Rainbow Sims

I’ve been playing The Sims ever since it was first released, back when the relationships among your “family members” cannot be predetermined and will only be set once you have started playing. Babies could only grow into children and that’s that.

I can talk how awesome the first in the series was, and how it feels like the developers are improving the game play away from the direction most players want. Only in a different post.

I’m all about this photo of sims representing the flag for Pride Month posted in the official Sims Facebook Page, and also in anticipation for the release of Sims 4. I really appreciate the diversity in the relationships presented: straight couple, gay couples, mixed raced couples- it’s so well thought out. Kudos EA 🙂



Hotel Celéste – Tres Belle :)

view from floor length window. skype with girlfriend.
view from floor length window.
HUGE bed

This hotel is so damn pretty. I don’t have a lot of photos, because I was pretty much in love with my room and the contents of my minibar which I did not refuse to consume. Hotel Celeste is just a small hotel behind New World Makati and across Raffles, but do let the four story underdog catch your attention. Despite it’s size, the hotel still feels luxurious and surprisingly personal. You gotta admire the consistency in their theme from the staff costume, interiors and elevator music. It’s a block away from Greenbelt if you’re after shopping and eating out. Website: disclaimer: i’m not affiliated with the hotel, just stayed there for a few nights. cheers.

Orphan Black Season 2 premiers today* :)

season 2 viewing pass

I’m dirt poor atm and can’t afford the season pass to watch it online haha

But then I’m so glad the show is coming back today (*tomorrow my time actually). I think it’s one of the most underrated shows there are and I’ve been telling people to watch it.

I’d like to discuss this show in depth and how amazing it is, but I’ll be doing some travelling in the next few weeks, so I do hope I get more time to read and write.

Trailer in the mean time:

Thoughts on La Vie d’Adele (obvs spoilers)

Note: this is an undrafted post, written straight from my tablet using Blogsy.

I couldn’t finish watching La Vie d’Adele without bawling my eyes out.

SEX! Whole 7 minutes of it! This may be the film’s selling point for some. But please do allow me to be pretentious by explaining how I got interested in this and why I liked it.

In my defense, two words: Léa Seydoux. I’ll watch anything with this mademoiselle in it – even the Prada Candy ads on Youtube, no matter how silly they get. I’ve mentioned this in my previous post regarding the graphic novel this film was adapted from so feel free to use the search bar. It’s pretty shallow, but I got crazy the moment I heard she was going to be in it.

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I will not take paperback for an answer!


Few months ago I was hesitant to place an order for Batwoman v4 because BookDepository only had the paperback version available for pre-order (same with Amazon.) The other day, I checked over TBD and was finally happy to see that it will be in hardback.

No need to worry about my collection’s consistency! Unfortunately, my PayPal account is empty (hehe) so I will need to wait some more.

I’m dying to read this volume since in volume 3, we found that Elizabeth (kate’s twin) is still alive and was actually the reason why Kate badly wanted the sarcophagus the first part of Hydrology. And yes, Kate proposed to Maggie in volume three.

In the mean time, I’m going for broke with Wonder Woman Odyssey.