Where to buy BeoPlay H2 headphones

This blog is around 5 or 6 years old and I have already written posts about various headphones. One Skull Candy, one WesC and one Marshall later…

TADAAA! Behold the Beoplay H2 Headphones

I’ve been attracted to the BeoPlay H6 since I saw it on Jonas Bjerre back in 2013. It has been difficult to purchase one, being based in the Philippines. I’m so not willing to pay extra on shipping and taxes as the pair of H6 alone costs a fortune. The only shop Bang & Olufsen has is in Shangri-La Plaza mall and during that time, I didn’t frequent Manila as much as I do now. Continue reading “Where to buy BeoPlay H2 headphones”


Hotel Celéste – Tres Belle :)

view from floor length window. skype with girlfriend.
view from floor length window.
HUGE bed

This hotel is so damn pretty. I don’t have a lot of photos, because I was pretty much in love with my room and the contents of my minibar which I did not refuse to consume. Hotel Celeste is just a small hotel behind New World Makati and across Raffles, but do let the four story underdog catch your attention. Despite it’s size, the hotel still feels luxurious and surprisingly personal. You gotta admire the consistency in their theme from the staff costume, interiors and elevator music. It’s a block away from Greenbelt if you’re after shopping and eating out. Website:http://www.hotelceleste.ph/ disclaimer: i’m not affiliated with the hotel, just stayed there for a few nights. cheers.

After the storm

I haven’t ranted, tweeted or posted anything about Typhoon Haiyan. Not only because we haven’t had stable electricity for days, I just couldn’t waste bandwidth for my opinions which won’t help much.  Direk Peque did that for me, and said everything I would’ve said.

Anyway, if you are to donate anything please make sure it is a legit organization. Red Cross is my chosen org, and there are more listed on this NBC News article.

Now back to watching Greta Garbo on TCM…

Book Depository Part 2: Pre-order

Is pre-ordering a title in The Book Depository cheaper than purchasing it after release?

I’ve done a quick run-around the net to find information on pre-ordering, the perks and the prices related to it.

For some online sites like iTunes, pre-order prices are similar to the after availability range. Some merchants will also more likely to make you pay more so you can secure an item once it is released.

Continue reading “Book Depository Part 2: Pre-order”