My StrawberryNET Purchase!

Photo 06-06-2016, 12 26 04 PM
the shining package freshly picked up from the post office!

I admit I love the convenience of online shopping, especially since I work from home and there’s less chance for a trip to the store – even if I live in the center of the city!

Usually, I buy my cleansers from my dermatologist. Since I moved to Cebu however, I am no longer able to do that. It took me some time to find products that are not too harsh yet effective, until I stumbled upon Mario Badescu.

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I will not take paperback for an answer!


Few months ago I was hesitant to place an order for Batwoman v4 because BookDepository only had the paperback version available for pre-order (same with Amazon.) The other day, I checked over TBD and was finally happy to see that it will be in hardback.

No need to worry about my collection’s consistency! Unfortunately, my PayPal account is empty (hehe) so I will need to wait some more.

I’m dying to read this volume since in volume 3, we found that Elizabeth (kate’s twin) is still alive and was actually the reason why Kate badly wanted the sarcophagus the first part of Hydrology. And yes, Kate proposed to Maggie in volume three.

In the mean time, I’m going for broke with Wonder Woman Odyssey.

Marshall Major Brown the Acrobat!

Sorry for the slightly long period of absence. Loads of unexpected stuff came my way, but that’s all sorted and I’m back. Everyone can now stop singing this song.

Almost three years ago I have “reviewed” three headphones. All of those have already quit on me, with the exception of the Zumreed ones which are still working, however with ear cushions in their unbearable tattered state. Gone are the days when I had three pairs of functional headphones.

And now, I present…

Marshall Major in Brown!
Marshall Major in Brown!

I went after this pair, out of desperation for BeoPlay’s super stylish H6 which isn’t really available yet. I could have easily gotten another pair from WeSc, however Scandinavian headphones may not be very common here.

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WWWW audiobook sounds awesome…so far!

In late June I got completely absorbed in this indie-published book called “When women were warriors” by Catherine M. Wilson, that I binge-read the whole trilogy in three days. And thanks to it, I am no longer “scared” of indie-published books.

You can download the first book here. It’s legal.

Karen Wolfer started a kickstarter project in July to fund the audiobook production for the first book in the series, The Warrior’s Path, with THE Janis Ian ready to narrate this amazing tale.

They had really nice perks so I did contribute some amount. Here’s what I got through the mail (and I was so star struck!):


The funding was a success, and recording has already commenced. I am so thrilled with the current sample. Janis Ian’s voice is just perfect.