Mew – Satellites

After 6 years! I am so glad Mew is back with a new album. This single was only released last two weeks ago, and the video two days ago.

I’ve been listening to this band since I was in high school (they were featured on MTV Asia). Since then, I feel like each song they’ve written was done on my behalf. I could not say nor write my dreams and feelings as beautifully as these Danes do.

“Satellites” sounds like homecoming. It sounds like the old Mew I’ve always liked listening to; dreamy, energetic, epic. It does sound new and more experienced, and I hope the whole album follows suit!


Now Playing: Paramore (2013 album)

Sorry for being almost a year late, but it’s only today that I got to listen to Paramore’s self-titled album from 2013.

I gave up on them back in college but the recent album is just a good mix of different styles and so easy to listen to, without losing the edge Paramore has always been known for.