ShopBack is legit

Love online shopping AND rebates? Then I would highly recommended signing up for a ShopBack account!

We all know that Lazada discount vouchers are very rare these days, and they are mostly only applicable to new customers. Lazada vouchers for existing customers can be unicorns!

Thank heavens for ShopBack! Shopback is a legit way to get discounts in the form of rebates. This means you still get a discount even if you are an existing Lazada customer.

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What I like about ShopBack is that Continue reading “ShopBack is legit”

Where to buy BeoPlay H2 headphones

This blog is around 5 or 6 years old and I have already written posts about various headphones. One Skull Candy, one WesC and one Marshall later…

TADAAA! Behold the Beoplay H2 Headphones

I’ve been attracted to the BeoPlay H6 since I saw it on Jonas Bjerre back in 2013. It has been difficult to purchase one, being based in the Philippines. I’m so not willing to pay extra on shipping and taxes as the pair of H6 alone costs a fortune. The only shop Bang & Olufsen has is in Shangri-La Plaza mall and during that time, I didn’t frequent Manila as much as I do now. Continue reading “Where to buy BeoPlay H2 headphones”

Seiko 5 Military Watch SNK803K2

So last year, two of my Fossil watches from college went bust and required movement replacement, and one of the replacements costs the same as a new automatic watch from Seiko. Thus, the decision to get a new watch instead was a no-brainer.

Enter Seiko 5’s Military watch with nylon strap!


Seiko 5 is Seiko’s affordable line offering a lot of options for both men and women, mostly automatic stainless watches. What made me choose this specific model SNK803K2 is that after reading on watch forums, I’ve learned that this watch is Continue reading “Seiko 5 Military Watch SNK803K2”

Best Buy World PH Haul!

Facebook ads are just so great and effective – they know exactly which products would be attractive to a certain user! You are most likely to click an ad when it is relevant to you and this is exactly how I came across Best Buy Word PH

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Their prices seemed too good to be true. The last time I bought a tiny jar of Clinique’s All About Eyes eye cream from Rustan’s, it was almost PHP 3000 where as online at BestBuyPH, it’s only priced Continue reading “Best Buy World PH Haul!”

My StrawberryNET Purchase!

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the shining package freshly picked up from the post office!

I admit I love the convenience of online shopping, especially since I work from home and there’s less chance for a trip to the store – even if I live in the center of the city!

Usually, I buy my cleansers from my dermatologist. Since I moved to Cebu however, I am no longer able to do that. It took me some time to find products that are not too harsh yet effective, until I stumbled upon Mario Badescu.

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Mew – Satellites

After 6 years! I am so glad Mew is back with a new album. This single was only released last two weeks ago, and the video two days ago.

I’ve been listening to this band since I was in high school (they were featured on MTV Asia). Since then, I feel like each song they’ve written was done on my behalf. I could not say nor write my dreams and feelings as beautifully as these Danes do.

“Satellites” sounds like homecoming. It sounds like the old Mew I’ve always liked listening to; dreamy, energetic, epic. It does sound new and more experienced, and I hope the whole album follows suit!

Pride Month and The Sims

Rainbow Sims
Rainbow Sims

I’ve been playing The Sims ever since it was first released, back when the relationships among your “family members” cannot be predetermined and will only be set once you have started playing. Babies could only grow into children and that’s that.

I can talk how awesome the first in the series was, and how it feels like the developers are improving the game play away from the direction most players want. Only in a different post.

I’m all about this photo of sims representing the flag for Pride Month posted in the official Sims Facebook Page, and also in anticipation for the release of Sims 4. I really appreciate the diversity in the relationships presented: straight couple, gay couples, mixed raced couples- it’s so well thought out. Kudos EA 🙂