Facebook ads are just so great and effective – they know exactly which products would be attractive to a certain user! You are most likely to click an ad when it is relevant to you and this is exactly how I came across Best Buy Word PH

photo from https://www.facebook.com/BestBuyWorldPhilippines

Their prices seemed too good to be true. The last time I bought a tiny jar of Clinique’s All About Eyes eye cream from Rustan’s, it was almost PHP 3000 where as online at BestBuyPH, it’s only priced at around PHP600…see the price difference?

Out of curiosity, I checked out Best Buy World PH’s items for sale and eventually ended up buying a Chanel lipstick in Desinvolte and a sample of Chloe’s Love Story EDP. I forgot the prices but they were actually not as expensive as instore.



I was satisfied with this purchase so I made another one despite the delivery time (I’m in Bacolod). I bought a bigger bottle of Chloe’s Love Story EDP and had it delivered to my partner’s place in Mandaluyong and it arrived in less then 12 hours! No kidding!

Looking around this online store, it appears they have limited inventory thus the low prices. The products are very much authentic so you’re definitely getting great value for your purchases.


  • Great value for authentic products
  • Fast delivery and free (within Metro Manila, orders above 500)
  • I got a discount for my 2nd purchase


  • No tracking number upon order confirmation
  • Slow delivery outside Manila. My first order took around 2-3 weeks to arrive, I almost forgot about it until Air21 arrived in front of our house, and the delivery fee was 170
  • Limited inventory. You’re prone to regret if you do not grab that item you’ve been looking at right away. They also do not seem to restock some products, and do not have all variants so keep expectations low.

BestBuy World PH prices may keep me interested in checking the site every now and then but due to the limited stocks, it’s not a shop I can depend on for restocks.

Still, I was very impressed with the delivery time for my 2nd order and would be happy to place another order in the future.

disclaimer: this is not a sponsored post

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