This is not the end.

I am taking an indefinite hiatus from law school. For those who did not know – yes I was cracking my already soft skull, reading cases in the past five months…and that’s only for the meager three subjects my time allows me to take up.

Truth is, I have not even seen my grades yet, so this is not about failing. This is about seizing opportunities, and right now I value my job next to the people I love. There are some who might tell me I should go back to school early since time waits for no one. Whilst that may be true, I can assure everyone that my time is pretty much used up wisely, and I only get two days a week off to chill out and read for leisure.

I apologize to those people who’ve had their hopes up for me. I understand I am disappointing right now, and it appears my return is suspended on air. It may not be next school year (sry mum) or the one after that. But I promise I’ll return with more willingness and more strength…I want to start strong next time – not some bored ass quarter life crisis individual who’s in a hurry to accomplish a lot, all at the same time. (Provided i finish my book review, research paper and also passed at least one of my three subjects)

Law school (as any other) is no joke. I’m proud to say that I entered it not only with the desire to practice but above everything, the desire to learn it. And this is where my self disappointment is rooted from. In the mean time, I’ll find something else to be busy with outside work. It may or may not be related to law school. I might even read Javellana vs Exec. secretary word for word.

Ill see you again soon, JD/LLB.



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