Commune Coffee Shop

CAM00672   One day in our office in Makati, the building’s Jura Impressa wasn’t available for the weekend and the free instant coffee were kept in the cupboard. So, I decided to check Google Maps for nearby coffee shops where I can have lunch and coffee. And I stumbled upon Commune along H.V. Dela Costa which is only a few minutes walk from our office. I thought the interior design was quite refreshing. Most coffee shops stick with warm brown tones to evoke coziness. Commune’s interiors appear to have Scandinavian influences starting with the white walls and the minimalist shelves. I haven’t had enough time to scrutinize the details as I only had an hour lunch so you guys should see for yourselves if you’re a nutter for Scandinavian interiors like me. CAM00668 The food is great too. I tried their iced latte and the tuna melt. I was pleasantly surprised by the latter. I like the fact that it’s presented in a way that it’s easy to eat and that salad is delicious. CAM00674 CAM00675 They also provide the bill in cute buckets like this one. Check out how much I paid if you’d like to have an idea on the cost. CAM00677 I got a little conscious taking photos because I was alone in my table (usual scenario for me) and the staff are all so attentive. May I add how adorable it is that they are all wearing chucks. Overall, I loved the concept and will drop by again the next time I’m in Makati.


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