Typical Survival Game Scenarios as Demonstrated by Glenn from The Walking Dead S4E10

The game starts with a cutscene…

Darkness, Unconciousness

Some games really just start with a black screen, assuming you’re a player who likes to play 1st person. (I ain’t like that though.) Then there’s a small white line which may or may not eventually blink (surprise, your eyes are open!)

wrong side of the bed
wonder what’s for breakfast.

And just when the protagonist starts getting up, you dramatically realize that just a few feet below is a mosh pit of zombies.

in case you didn't pay attention to the cover art..
in case you didn’t pay attention to the cover art..

This is the part where you’re supposed to be confused, terrified. In hardcore games, I wish the cut scene wouldn’t end until the protagonist is in an actual safe place. But obviously, you may need to figure that out yourself, ain’t nobody got time fo dat.

like a G6
you are so effed. and you don’t know why just yet

Fortunately in some games, specifically non-open world ones, the protagonist only has one way to go-literally just ONE. See that door behind Glenn? Nope, you can’t jump. If you move forward, you’ll endlessly bump into an invisible wall. Now, proceed to that door.

Inside, there’s a sense of terror so you put your guards up.

action time!
action time!

Only to be disappointed. This is a safe room!

woops, got excited there sorry
woops, got excited there sorry 😦

And as a non-suicidal gamer the next rational thing to do would be to investigate. You walk around and you find some hints.

quest triggered
quest triggered: find Maggie

The whole area doesn’t have any more surprises for you though. But hey, there’s pills! It’s finally time to stock up before going back out.

because obviously
quest item
+5 Health
+5 Health
books would be useful as weapons in Hitman Absolution
Speech Increased..wait what?
is it game time yet?
almost out of inventory space. is it game time yet?

Eventually, you fill up your inventory space with bullets, healing items, plants, tankards etc. This is the part where some gamers hit the save function, even if there isn’t any actual progress yet.

Save completed. Let’s get the hell out of this safe room.

come at me
come at me

By now, you may have enough capacity to go finish up the horde, but strategy advises you save those for any possible boss fights. So you go through the horde in stealth, or running like a party.

hit 'A repeatedly'
hit ‘A’ repeatedly
definitely not stealth. check out the zombies tho
definitely not stealth.

And to end part of this chapter and/or add more side quests, you come across an AI which may or may not be a bad guy.

in this case, it's a cute lesbian
in this case, it’s a cute lesbian

Some games will not allow you to proceed or progress if you do not talk to that character, depending on how vital the interaction will be to the storyline.

If it’s a good day, the character will help you through the chapter or through the rest of the game. In even better days, that character may be even stronger or more invincible than you. In bad days, that character will be nothing but a pain in the ass.


disclaimer: all rights belong to AMC

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