Marshall Major Brown the Acrobat!

Sorry for the slightly long period of absence. Loads of unexpected stuff came my way, but that’s all sorted and I’m back. Everyone can now stop singing this song.

Almost three years ago I have “reviewed” three headphones. All of those have already quit on me, with the exception of the Zumreed ones which are still working, however with ear cushions in their unbearable tattered state. Gone are the days when I had three pairs of functional headphones.

And now, I present…

Marshall Major in Brown!
Marshall Major in Brown!

I went after this pair, out of desperation for BeoPlay’s super stylish H6 which isn’t really available yet. I could have easily gotten another pair from WeSc, however Scandinavian headphones may not be very common here.

Most gadget stores sell only the white or the black ones, and I found my brown pair from Digital Walker. (I ran from Bacolod, to Talisay to Cebu for this colour entirely)

You can find the complete tech specs on this page.

full wire glory
full wire glory

I think..

The Marshall Major headphones actually sound good. The main thing that pulled me into getting this pair is the design-I love the vintage appeal and obviously the use of the colours brown and gold. Yes, I’m shallow too.

The headphones can also be bent in, making it easy to carry around.


headphone jack and inline mic/remote
headphone jack and inline mic/remote

My only issue with this pair is that it can be very uncomfortable after around 10-15 minutes of listening. The ear cushions are soft and the cover appears durable, however the issue may be with the very stiff band.

Final saaay

I would have sworn my life on this pair if it were more comfortable. Sure it’s beautifully designed and sounds good, but it’s quite difficult to appreciate these if I can’t wear them properly. I do hope they eventually get stretched out, or at least endure my abuses. Obviously I’d keep them until I get my hands on B&O’s H6.

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