My Beef with Smart Music’s SPINNR

SPINNR is Smart’s music app, wherein users can purchase songs by using their air time load or free credits earned from reloading.Screenshot_2013-12-06-13-08-48


Nice try, Smart.

To put it simply, I’m not entirely fond of this app so far. It’s only available for Android users, so iOS users don’t have to deal with it for now.

SPINNR Home Screen
SPINNR Home Screen

I decided to try it out since Smart has been bombarding my inbox with “free song credits” every time I reload my prepaid account. I mean, it says free-I’m sold!

haven't figured out how to use this thing
haven’t found instructions on how to utilise these

I’m one of those users who read app reviews prior to installing these to my device. I came across one that says purchased songs cannot be accessed via the native music app. This was enough to send me on my way; however I have not recently updated my blog so why not rant about it?

Purchasing Songs

The process for purchasing songs is actually pretty intuitive.

Simply tap the magnifying glass icon on the top right corner to search SPINNR’s library using the song title or the name of the artist.

In my case, I wanted to download Best Coast‘s “This Lonely Morning”, so I typed in the name of the artist:


It will allow you to listen to a 30 second sample before purchasing a particular track. Once the purchase is done, there should be a confirmation sent via text.


Purchased songs can be accessed by going to “My Music” > “Downloaded to device”.

spinnr spinning

To break it down:

Cool features

  1. Cheaper songs
  2. songs priced in peso
  3. can use air time load to purchase, no need to have a CC
  4. free credits feature


  1. users cannot access purchased songs without opening the app, usage may incur data charges
  2. lack of visible support regarding app (very important!)
  3. music library not yet comprehensive

The advantages are good, but not enough to retain me. Steering clear of SPINNR until improvements are made.

notes: tested on LG L7 II P715 , running Android 4.1.2


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