Blue is the Warmest Color

I loved Léa Seydoux ever since I saw her on “Les adieux á la Reine” so when I found out she was going to play a lesbian in a movie it felt like I won the lottery. (Well, not exactly the lottery maybe just one of those scratch-a-prize tickets thingy)

Yup. Told ya.
Yup. Told ya. (Léa plays Emma)

So I did a little search on the movie (months age before all the news about the fighting between the actresses and the director broke out) and found out that it is based on a French graphic novel by Julia Maroh called “Blue is the Warmest Color” (originally in French: Le Bleu est une couleur chaude)

Why You Should Read It

You do not have to be gay to be able to get the story. Although it has moments wherein Clementine is trying to understand her sexuality (girls should date boys etc), the story is generally about love at first sight and having a hard time getting that person off your head.

&copy Julie Maroh
© Julie Maroh

People should read it, in general, and understand that people just fall for people and that’s out of anybody’s control.

Here in PH, we have a notion that gay people are gay because they have a desire to be the opposite sex. Whereas that may be true for some, it’s certainly not true for most.

In this comic, Clementine falls in love with Emma not because she’s trying to be a dude. She just fell in love and it happened to be with a girl.

I’m not really into the character design (I’m into grungy, dirty, semi-realistic ones) but the coloring is so well done. It’s mostly in just black, white, grey, sepia and blue.

There are also some graphic sex scenes. Just thought you should know.

taa daa! here's my copy!
taa daa! here’s my copy!

The English version of the comic book was only released this September and I doubt it would ever reach the conservative shores of the Philippines (whereas bondage is all okay for display) so I got my copy from TBD.

The movie adaptation is called “La Vie d’Adele”, and they used Adele Exarchopoulos’ real name for Clementine’s character. Check out this crazy chemistry between the two actresses:

source for Léa’s photo.


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