Stumptown: The case of the girl who took her shampoo (but left her mini)–No spoilers*

*well a little.

My search for awesome female characters continue and for now, Greg Rucka’s graphic novels totally fit my criteria.

I came across Stumptown because I’ve been recently immersing myself in Batwoman (new 52) comics and Greg Rucka wrote Elegy, which practically details the back story of the new Batwoman.


Stumptown’s main character is Dex (real name Dexedrine Parios, hell yeah) who is a talented investigator but quite a bad gambler. And because she’s not as talented at gambling, she’s stuck with a casino debt she can’t afford to pay.

Luckily (or maybe not really), the casino proprietor has offered her clearance in exchange of her services in locating a missing granddaughter.

I really enjoyed this book.

First of all, I love Dex’s character. She’s not overly tough but what she lacks in strength she makes up for in wit. I’m not really sure if she’s queer, but she shamelessly flirts with any gender and it’s always funny when she does.

Then the art! Hands-down this is the type of art I’m a total sucker for. Some may have complaints as it can be a bit colourless and quite dark. I love it that way though, and the character designs are realistic. Matthew Southworth, I am now a fan of yours.

Moments of genius like this one. check out Dex’s facial expression:


And do not even get me started on the smell of a rarely opened comic book.


I actually got my copy from National Bookstore Online, and they deliver fast. Just that our local NBS are not really that comprehensive when it comes to graphic novels. You can also get a copy from The Book Depository.

P.S. I’m slightly new to the world of graphic novels and comics. Not because I was never interested in them, but because I was a poor kid (surprise!) and I only had access to these recently. Nope, I read ebooks but comics and graphic novels can only be purely appreciated in its actual tangible state.

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