Book Depository Part 2: Pre-order

Is pre-ordering a title in The Book Depository cheaper than purchasing it after release?

I’ve done a quick run-around the net to find information on pre-ordering, the perks and the prices related to it.

For some online sites like iTunes, pre-order prices are similar to the after availability range. Some merchants will also more likely to make you pay more so you can secure an item once it is released.

So far, I’ve pre-ordered two titles from the Book Depository and found that the amounts I paid were lower than the prices after the release. Bonus: some titles are made available earlier than their intended release dates.

It does not make a gigantic difference since the book still needs to be shipped, but at least few days were saved, and receiving an email once the book is made available can be exciting.

The price may also gradually increase as the release date approaches as I have seen this with one of the titles I purchased.

Whilst I can provide photos to prove this, I would recommend saving an item in your TBD wish list and monitor the prices.


2 thoughts on “Book Depository Part 2: Pre-order

  1. missadventures says:

    Huuuu. I’m still at a loss on how to get my TBD orders to me. I just got a full refund of my past order today – I got them cancelled since I couldn’t get the local postal service to even check if my package is already there because I couldn’t give them a tracking number. Suggestions?

    1. Cee says:

      I’ve actually contact TBD previously regarding tracking numbers and they have said they are not able to provide one. How long ago was your order? Mine usually arrives within 3-4 weeks, and so far I have received all my parcels.

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