The Book Depository Works!

I first stumbled upon The Book Depository while looking for a copy of Carlos Ruiz Zafón’s “The Watcher in the Shadows” which has only been recently released in English.


The Book Depository is a UK-based online book seller which offers free shipping worldwide, as well as ebook downloads.

I really don’t have much luck with local book stores (NBS I’m looking at you) when it comes to really good books but are not that popular in the Philippines.

As I’ve mentioned in one of my previous posts, Amazon does not ship to the Philippines and I would need to pay extra for Johnny Air Fees just so I can get my hands on some books.


If you look at it, the prices at Book Depository are a bit higher but since they offer free shipping it’s still very competitive.

They also accept payments through PayPal, so I don’t need to run after irregular (and sometimes incredibly high) conversion rates through my credit card.

Shipping and Duration

The most appealing feature of Book Depository is that they ship worldwide (especially in the Philippines) and for free. For the Philippines, the estimated shipping time is around 7-10 working days.


I placed an order for Emma Donoghue’s “Kissing the Witch” in July 21st and received it at my doorstep August 7.


It was sent through the Post Office and whenever I receive something from the post man, there’s a fee that I have to pay but it’s not very exorbitant.

And look, I got a book mark!


I was slightly anxious about the whole process since my order will be sent through the post office. After they have shipped the book, there was already no way of tracking it so I was so glad to have received it by August 7 (as estimated by their very helpful customer service rep via email).

Also, some orders are not dispatched within the estimated hours (as stated in some blogs, as well as from my own experience) so I sent them a reminder email and a few hours later I got a confirmation that my book has been shipped.

I will certainly place another order from this site, in fact I have been regularly checking their catalogue.

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4 thoughts on “The Book Depository Works!

  1. missadventures says:

    Hi, what tracking number did you provide to the local post office? I could not check my package since they kept asking for the 9-digit tracking number that I could not provide. Huhu.

    1. Cee says:

      Hi! I did not actually get to do that since my package simply got delivered to my house. I don’t believe BD provides it. You can instead email BD’s support for it, or ask them for an estimated shipping time.

  2. talaverjenny says:

    I ordered a book from Book Depository as a birthday gift two years ago and until now, I haven’t received it yet. I’ve contacted BD twice about this and no response from them. What should I do?

    I’m from Zamboanga City.

    1. Cee says:

      Hi there! Sorry to hear that 😦 Usually when that happens you can check with your post office if they have received any packages for you. If it doesn’t arrive, book depository can actually send another one. Since it’s been two years, I doubt you’ll still be able to get your book because as far as I know the post office may dispose unclaimed packages. When ordering via BD, best to check with your post office within the delivery date.

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