Shipping Amazon Orders through Johnny Air

Almost every one knows Amazon will immediately reject your transaction if your address is in the Philippines. Most of us understand why…customs trust issues, packages lost etc.


So if you find something really nice on Amazon, you can actually get it shipped to the country through several alternatives. Recently, I tried shipping through Johnny Air Cargo.

I ordered three books, which are self-published thus not available through NBS  nor Fully Booked.

After reading through several reviews, I decided to try the alternative for myself.

I placed my order (addressed to their NY office) and sent an email to one of their contact persons. It was Saturday (June 29) when I placed my order and I received a response from Johnny Air reps Monday noting my order. Very friendly service, I tell you.

I received an email from the local Johnny Air office July 16 that my three parcels have arrived (my books were shipped separately) and that I needed to pay around Php 2000, which included the handling fee, taxes and custom fees.

If you consider the delivery time, it is actually fast. You can also rest easy knowing your items will certainly arrive, which I find very valuable.


Just one tip, avoid shipping books. Johnny Air charges per ounce in USDs so it can be very expensive. I was lucky that despite the books being shipped separately, they only charged me the handling fee one time.

You might instead consider getting rare titles from  since they offer free shipping although it may take a month to arrive. If it’s not that urgent, imagine what you can save.

If you cross check the prices between Amazon and BookDepository, the latter appears to have higher prices however Amazon will add around $4 for the shipping fee which will eventually match the price on BookDepository, not to mention there are fees for Johnny Air (or whichever carrier you use).

Have I ordered through TBD, my total cost would have been $50.35, and I have the option to pay with PayPal. With Amazon and Johnny Air combined, it was a total of $95.27 .

You may consider me a bit impulsive, but it was my first Amazon purchase (yeah, ha ha) and though I felt I paid a bit too much, I know how much my paranoia and impatience can cost me.


Will I ever place an order through Amazon and Johnny Air? Yes, maybe after I have recovered my unexpected financial dent. Will I ship books through them again? Possibly not.

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2 thoughts on “Shipping Amazon Orders through Johnny Air

  1. Arthur says:

    Thanks for blog. At least we know we are not alone. My fiancee also had the same experience. She bought a wedding gown worth 7k and she was charged 5k for the shipping. Never again will we use Johnny Air.

    1. Cee says:

      hi Arthur! thanks for dropping by and sorry to hear about your experience. It may have been better if I had easily found their tariff chart (if there’s any available online). that could have made it less surprising. 🙂

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