Five Must Have iPad Apps

When I received my iPad mini through LBC (because I order it online hehe), I had that itch to download all the popular apps, especially upon seeing how calm my home screen was.

After going through the process of downloading and removing several apps from my iPad, here are some that I would recommend:

1 BlueFire Reader/ iBooks (free)

Who does not need a reader? I basically have both readers in my iPad. I decided to keep BlueFire due to its DropBox support, and it has more features compared to iBooks.

For a good review of the BlueFire reader, click here.

2 Spending (free)

I had a similar app in my Blackberry but Spending has got to be the best I have downloaded. It’s very easy to use and the interface is very simply and intuitive.

3 Relax Melodies HD (free, paid version available) by Ipnos Soft

I’ve had issues sleeping lately and this app has certainly helped me cope with stress and all the noise. It’s a white noise / ambiance app which features several sounds that can help one relax (e.g. rain on rooftops, camp fire) and also has Binaural beats. I decided to actually purchase the app so I can play it in the back ground while reading an ebook.

4 Blogsy (paid)

This is the best blogging app just yet. It works with several blog platforms and has convenient options such as searching YouTube videos and instantly inserting it to the current post.

5 Bejeweled Blitz / Candy Crush Saga

Yes, games! There are so many games available, and are mostly free. Why are these games a must have? They’re basically stress relieving and quick to play. Completely annoyed by the person sitting next to you while waiting for your plane? Calm down and crush some candies instead.

Also, here’s an interesting study about the benefits of Bejeweled Blitz:

Note: Some of these apps may not be useful or necessary for some users. Photos soon.


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