Loki’s New Hair for Thor 2 The Dark World

image from http://www.comicbookmovie.com/


The official trailer was launched today (see previous post), and aside from seeing the same old beloved characters back, we also noticed Thor and Loki’s hair transformations.

Loki’s new look has spawned lots of dead ringers from fans: Tommy Wiseau, Gotye, Kenny G, The Vampire Armand etc

We understand that he is locked up in prison with no mirrors, but don’t they provide complimentary toiletries in Asgardian Royal Prisons?

I was quite weirded out when I first saw it, and though it was a still for Only Lovers Left Alive:


But after a few more stares at the new hair, and how Loki sits, all my complaints are flying out of the window. When do we start?



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