Refreshing Bohol! Part 1 – Nature and Historical Trip

I badly wanted to go to the beach, while the rest of my family wanted a sight seeing tour. Of all the locations available in the Philippines, we chose Bohol.


Bohol is famous for so many things, and one can never run out of things to do. You can do nature and historical trips, and complete your day by chilling by the beach.

I’ll break my post into parts since we were in Bohol for three days and we stayed in a resort in Panglao.

Getting There

From Bacolod, some people prefer a road trip to Dumaguete and take the ferry to Tagbilaran, Bohol.

My mum does not really like bus trips so we flew to Cebu and took the ferry to Tagbilaran. From the port, we arranged for our hotel (Linaw) to pick us up going to the resort in Panglao, which is a separate island so we had to cross a bridge which is not really long. (I seriously do hope they build a bridge from Pulupandan to Guimaras.)

Countryside Tour

We booked our tour with our resort. Most hotels/resorts offer tours to guests, so I would really recommend booking yours with where you are staying if you are not booking through an agency or if you do not know anyone locally who can drive you around.

First stop: Tarsier conservatory. This place is really crowded and the conservatory has narrow path ways but there are location guides anywhere to point out where to pass by or take your picture. No flash allowed since it startles the little creatures! At the entrance, we were greeted by snoozing lolo Jose who is 18 years old.

fluffy little fella

Second Stop: Chocolate Hills

view from top of the hill

From the conservatory, we passed by the man made forest (which I found really cool and relaxing) going to the viewing chocolate hill top. You need to take 200+ steps to reach the top of a chocolate hill to see a view of the other hills, but totally worth it to see the post card perfect view. There is also a bell on top where you can throw a coin and make a wish.

the bell on top of the hill
my family and I in the man made forest
the man made forest. downright soothing

We next went to the bamboo bridges…


…and then to the zip line/cable car adventure. We rode the cable car which crosses the Loboc river some feet below.

No trip to Bohol is complete without lunch at the Loboc River Cruise. There are restaurants in the river port you can choose from. You need to book a reservation with a restaurant and they will give you a ticket for a lunch buffet.

IMG_3542 IMG_3535

Note that when you get to Loboc River Cruise, you may not immediately be able to board the boat and have lunch so you should go there first before you are starving. There is also a Museum in Loboc but we did not get to see it.

After our very late lunch, we went to Baclayon church which was built in the 16th Century. Imagine how old it is. It was unfortunate that the museum was closed when we went in. I did not get to take as much photos since there was a mass ongoing.

Baclayon Church Bell Tower
really old pipe organ
I like taking photos of details like this


Finally, we dropped by Clarin Ancestral House (which I will blog about separately) and the blood compact shrine. We passed by the shrine first thing in the morning but it was crowded so we made it our last stop.



There are souvenir shops at each attraction. The ones in the hanging bamboo bridges were really cheap so we bought most of our stuff from there. Buco king can also do some exhibitions for a small fee at the end of the first bamboo bridge.

To be continued…



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