Tokyo Bubble Tea Bacolod

I’m not a huge fane of Japanese food, but I recently became one when Tokyo Bubble Tea opened at Central District behind Robinson’s Bacolod.

I love their California Maki! The prices are slightly high, (I usually spend around 300 when eating alone) but I haven’t been disappointed by their food just yet.

If you’re not into that raw taste (maki is cooked, though), you can try their “Tokyo side treats” like the chi-zu maki (deep fried chicken amd cheese roll) or their stick treats like chicken yakitori.

Chi-zu maki and california maki

They also have sandwiches, where one called “beek yakiniku” sandwich is my favourite and also happens to be their specialty. One serving can be good for two people.

If you’re in for lunch or dinner, they do serve pasta as well as several donuburi flavours which I recommend.

Teriyaki Chicken Don

And finally, they did not call their place Tokyo Bubble Tea if they did not serve this. I love their Honeydew Melon Milk tea!

The service is great, and the ambience is really cool. If you just feel like hanging out and browsing stuff online, their wifi connection is really good.


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