Review: In love with my iPad mini




I’ve had my iPad mini for three months now and I absolutely love it!

Since 2011, I’ve wanting to get a tablet that can work for me, whenever my mobile phone or laptop can’t. The tablet market, at time, already had a lot of choices to offer but I couldn’t find one that could suit me best.

Personally, I find the iPad mini better than the iPad. One important advantage iPad mini has over its ancestor is the portability. Despite the size, it works (and satisfies) just like how a bulky regular iPad should.

iPad mini and Galaxy Tab 2

It certainly is the iPad mini’s size and capability that got me drawn to it, and played an important part in my decision to get the device. I previously bought a Galaxy Tab 2 (7.0) for my mum, and it is slightly smaller than the iPad mini. It’s cheaper however, since you can get the 3G model at a prize similar to (or lower than) iPad mini’s WiFi only model.

Although the Galaxy Tab 2 is a bit more affordable, I find the screen a bit too small and the OS intimidating. I already know how to use Android, don’t get me wrong, but it can be frustrating for first time users.

behind the iPad mini (L) and Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 (L)


The only down side to my iPad mini is that I chose the 16GB WiFi only model. Other models are harder to find locally and online. I’ve found that after putting in 5 movies and downloading several apps, I’m currently left with only 5GB.


Should you get the 3G or the WIFI version only? The former costs more, but is it worth it?

For someone like me who works at home and has access to a WIFI connection almost all the time, the 3G feature can barely be utilised. I also prefer using my tablet in places with WIFI access like coffee shops (if I need to do some research), so users like me don’t have much need for 3G.

3G would be great if you are often travelling, and need to have constant online access. If you also prefer to update your social network with what you’re up to or where you are at (i.e. a place without WIFI), then the 3G model would suit you.

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