Where to get instax films when you are in the Philippines

Part of getting an instax camera is knowing where to get the films. Without the films, these cameras are obviously useless.

If you are in Bacolod, you can find instax mini and wide films at SM department store. Their twin packs are at 945php each, which is really really costly. I only recommend buying from them if the need is urgent. Otherwise, buying online is the most recommend. You can also find Rainbow and instax wide films at Picture City and Fujifilm (both at south wing).

For online stores, the more popular shops are instax manila and polaroidph. I haven’t really ordered from these sites but they have good recommendations.

Personally, I recommend instaxcular.weebly.com and holgadget.com. They have the cheapest prizes,and lowest to no shipping fees.

Instaxcular is based in Manila so if you order from their site, you can expect your films 2-3 business days after you make your payment. I ordered through their form and paid through BPI. They’re also very responsive. I chose ordering with them since shipping to where I am only costs 90php, and twin packs are at 750 php each.

Holgadget is based in Hong Kong, so shipping my order took almost 3weeks to arrive at my door step. Prices can be in PhP or USDs, but you need to pay in USD. I still had some USDs in my Paypal account so I used these to place my order. In terms of shipping, I was not charged extra since my order weighed below 2kg.

Twinpacks at Holdgadget costs around only 600 php each. The more you order, the bigger the discount. You can also take advantage of their $2 discount on your first order.

Instaxcular or holgadget? Time is the biggest deciding factor, so I would say depending on when you will be needing the films, or if you are willing to wait.

[UPDATE 4/2013]: Lazada.com.ph now sells plain twin packs for 860 each. Your purchases need to be above Php 1000 to qualify for free shipping.

Recommended link: http://geekgirlmanila.com/2011/02/25/where-to-buy-instax-films-and-instax-minis/

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