Caught the Instax bug. Mini25 Review

I’ve been browsing lately and got intrigued by the Fujifilm Instax Mini 7s due to its quirky alien like appearance, that screams “Japanese!”

I checked out the product and, to my delight, found that it is an instant camera. This type of camera is nothing new, but its popularity declined as digital cameras became more accessible and powerful.

my instax mini 25

The mini 7s only costs 2795php at lazada which is actually the lowest price compared to any seller for this particular model. I was so decided to buy it (I get pretty impulsive on Mondays), but being naturally frugal I went all over the Internet for reviews and recommendation, and to make sure I’ll have constant access to the films by knowing where to get them.

Being a basic model, it had a lot of shortcomings which I can’t afford. Eventually, I decided to ditch the idea of the mini 7s and considered getting a better model in the instax mini line.

The latest one is the mini 50s in piano black. It costs two to three times more than the 7s but it has more features such as the view finder and self-timer.

So it was down to the mini 50s and the mini 25. The latter is the more recent model before the mini 50s came out.

Although it does not have a self-timer, it had a built in self shot mirror which is pretty cool if you are taking a photo of you and a friend (and monitor how you look like in the process). It was also a thousand pesos+ cheaper.

And since I saw the mini 25 in SM department store Bacolod, I decided to buy it instead of ordering online. I actually got it for only 6299 php. It was cool as I did not have to think of shipping fees and grow roots at home while waiting for delivery.

Behold the 25s

So far, I’m very content with this camera. It takes great shots (no editing needed), and has a very interesting appearance. I’m currently using the Rainbow films since it was the only variant available at picture city. (There are plain twinpacks at the department store, but costs around Php 1000, which is too much)


It operates on two CR2 batteries which are tiny so the camera remains light. It also has different photo modes, and flash can be turned off.

Film count. First shot is the cartridge’s cover


What I really like in this camera, aside from the self shot mirror, ’cause I can be vain like that, is it has two shutter buttons: one for portrait and another for landscape photos.

The only regret I had (and I would certainly advise against) is opening the back while there is available film loaded. The camera took it as a reload and reset my film count from 6 to 10. Worse, it treated my fifth shot as a cartridge cover so it came out blank. Imagine me kicking my self.

Should you get it? If you’re into the magic of automatic photo printing then you certainly should. If you hate the clutter in your My Photos folder, it is another reason to get one. Instant cameras are refreshing. The camera itself costs less than a digital one, but the film costs eventually sum up to that of a digital camera.

I would certainly recommend getting one. Don’t worry that much about where to get your instax films.

I got my instax mini Rainbow films from Picture City at SM, while the twin packs I ordered from

On my next post, I will point out where you can get instax mini films in the Philippines (and for less) so watch out for it. Hope this post has been helpful. Mini 7s and 50s photos from

P.S. if you’re interested in the instax 210, it is also available in picture city and fujifilm both in SM Bacolod. It’s not a mini, and uses a wide film which is really cool. However, due to the film size, the camera is seriously wide too.

This post has been written through blogsy, an iPad mini app. Please excuse any typographical errors.

Lazada 300x250 1


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