Happy New Year! For my first review post this year, I will write about my experience with, an online shopping site.



Lazada is owned by Berlin based company Rocket Internet, and is also present is Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam and Malaysia. Zalora ph is also their sister site. Click here for more info

The order process is pretty easy. The good thing about it is that you will certainly know whether the item you wish to purchase is available or not.


Although they deliver by LBC, my item was delivered via 2GO and I got a text from the courier hours before they delivered my item.

My experience

I bought an iPad mini because they were having a sale, plus it was a MasterCard Monday so I was expecting a 10% discount on my purchase. However, the maximum discount is at P600, which sort of sucked but a discount is still a discount.


Their prices are also slightly higher than the Apple store. The upside is that they deliver really fast, as the items are from their own warehouse and not from independent sellers. However, this also means the selection is a bit limited. I ordered my item Monday and received it Friday the same week. (They had a Christmas delivery guarantee!)

The rep told me on the phone that I will also be able to take advantage of the 5% discount for being a BDO card holder on top the current Mastercard discount, but the only discount I got to take advantage of was MasterCard Monday. She said I will not be able to see the discount on my end in the order process and will be applied after my purchase is completed. I pretty much did not get much response to my emails regarding this.

The cool thing about Lazada is that they have the COD option. Although this does not have much perks (discount-wise) compared to paying with a credit card, it gives a bit of sense of security to first time customers who can only pay once their items arrive.

Will I purchase anything from them again? Certainly, but I might check with other sellers first regarding the prices.

Is the site legit? So far, yes. Just make sure you pay attention to the details, project description and not rely on the images since some of their products have the wrong images but you’ll certainly get what’s in the description.

Also, I’ll make sure I maximize my vouchers next time, because the fun part of shopping online are of course, special deals!


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