Saizen now open in Bacolod

Everything at P88! A-ny-thing!


My sister lived on Saizen when she was in Manila, that is because everything is so cheap (everything was at P85) and kawaii!

Saizen by Daiso Japan is finally open in Robinson’s Bacolod today. It’s a store selling Japanese products from fans to chop sticks and everything else sugoi!

I went to the store this afternoon (Japanese stores mean organizers galore for me, apparently) and it was so crowded. Basically because it’s so exciting to shop at. Plus, if your kris kringle budget is at P150, you’ll find cuter presents at P88.

proud of my loot: 2 mugs (88 for 2), basket, organizer, ryokucha (green tea), coffee candy pack, kitchen tray


If your total purchase is at P350 (and above, single receipt), you can purchase one of the jeweled charms for P88. I chose kero-chan which is totemo kawaii~!:


I’d most certainly be back to buy more cutie things, and maybe when it’s not Christmas and not too crowded.

Bonus: they play Japanese songs, and the guard greets you konnichiwa (and okairinasai??) LOL



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