Go Bag! #PabloPH

Hey everyone, especially in Visayas (like me) and in Mindanao. I’m sure almost everyone’s aware of the super typhoon coming in.

Not acting paranoid or anything, but in any case I think everyone should prepare for it. If you are not affected, then please prepare so you may be able to help anyone who might need assistance.

To know more about the typhoon and its whereabouts, please see this Yahoo! article: http://ph.news.yahoo.com/likely–strongest–ph-typhoon-arriving-064212077.html

Now, in this post I’d like to encourage everyone to prepare a “Go Bag” (I learned it back in grade school), especially if you are in an area where you would most likely be evacuated from.

It’s basically a bag you can grab anytime you need to leave when disaster strikes and must have anything you need for survival in it (you’ve seen Evelyn Salt grab one while being chased).

Please check this site for the contents, and may also serve as your check list: http://www.nrdc.org/living/waterair/disaster-preparedness/go-bags.asp

Keep safe, everyone!

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