Current Obsession: Claymore (Animé)

If you follow me on Twitter (chances are, you don’t since it is a personal account), you might notice I have been tweeting like a machine with the hashtag #claymore recently. (Is it proper to say hashtag #  or is that redundant?)

What is Claymore,? What is the anime and manga about? When will I win the lottery?

300px-Us_anime_1_sleeveClaymore is originally a shounen manga which means it is targeted for boys and involves more action and fighting and minimal romantic scenes. The anime has 26 episodes, with the last 2-3 episodes slightly different from the manga.

I’m sure majority of the kids in my generation, even those who swear they find animé weird or rather geeky, are familiar with “Sailor Moon” and its female bunch of sailor soldiers kicking monster butts.

How can you not? Sailor moon is probably one of the most popular Japanese animations, and is considered a classic, no matter how annoying Usagi can get.

In a sense, Claymore is more like Sailor Moon in terms of its all female “badassery” and long legs exhibition, but with less costume change and more amputation and gore.

In the series, the word claymore can mean two things: a great sword or the warriors (mostly women).

Initially, it revolves around Clare who happens to be the weakest and lowest ranking claymore. These claymores are special because they are half-human, half-yoma (monster). Because they’re hybrids, they have the strength of both species and few of the former’s weakness.


Clare (left) is essentially out for revenge for the death of her mother figure, Teresa. But the objective has slightly changed as she met other fellow claymores and got assigned to hunt stronger yomas, also known as awakened beings.

I first became a huge anime fan when I was eight, and I first saw Magic Knight Rayearth, although I do not remember the story that much.

As I grew older, however, I realized it is quite an expensive hobby and I eventually became more picky with the ones I spent time on watching. Lately, the only animations that I got interested in were DeathNote and Ghost in the Shell (movie). All the others, I did not even bother, not even the famous Naruto.


[clock wise from top-right: Windcutter Flora, Quick Sword Irene, Phantom Miria, God Eye Galatea]

Claymore has this sort of kick that is so addicting. The twists are so witty, the dialogues are amazing, and the character design I find exquisite (although due to the standard blonde-hair and silver eyes for claymore warriors, see above, you may confuse one character with the other).

The story is pretty much straight to the point. It has its dramatic moments that are essential to the angst of the story, but it’s never dragging nor boring.

The first set (hopefully there’s a second one) of the anime is over, so I’m currently enjoying the manga. If you like a good storyline and lots of kick ass action scenes, then you should certainly check this anime out. I don’t recommend it to children, however.

P.S. The most annoying character ever:


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