Windows Live Writer: Blogging straight from the Desktop

Writer is a blogging tool by Windows live, that allows users to write blog posts straight from the desktop.


Having to log in and load the entire WordPress site from the browser every time I need to update my blog can be a very demotivating process for me.

Aside from the fact that I keep forgetting my password, ISPs in this country are no good unless all you do with it is check Facebook.


While updating my Windows Live Mail, I decided to install Writer. So far, it has helped me update my blog easily. All I need is the determination to create screen shots and come up with things to talk about, and I’m all set.

Writer Interface:writer

Through Writer, you can sync as many blogs as you need and switch any time. The interface is not that difficult to adjust to, it’s almost like writing your blog post through MS Word.

The preview mode is a real plus. Previewing a blog post through the browser can take ages but through writer, you can simply click the preview tab at the bottom and it will show the post and your blog layout.

live preview mode

You can modify your Writer settings so that it remembers your account details and logs you in automatically. You can also configure it to automatically open your blog through your browser after it has uploaded your post and all the photos associated with it.

To manage your blog comments and check your stats, you would still need to log in to your blog via your browser, since Writer is mainly a text editor, but a very savvy one at that.

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