Writer + Masskara in Bacolod

Apologetically, my blog has not been updated for 2 weeks. Where in the lazy world have I been?


Last week (exactly seven days ago), I went to watch “Electric Masskara” for the first time – FIRST time! And I am a local.

So I went to work early (so I can log out early) and see the most raved and controversial* parade myself (Masskara always meant watching the street dance competition on TV). Electric masskara is something I only saw in blogs and photos.

This year, I decided to drag my family out into the streets to see the “glowing parade” and hear the latin drum beats for ourselves.


Not minding the crowd (some are almost nuts due to street congestion), I enjoyed looking at the colorful floats and of course the colorful and lit masks and costumes.

The floats looked really good. If I was disappointed, it was only because the number of “barangays” participating was not enough for my eyes to feast on.


And it being a local festival, it felt nice to actually socialize with my fellow locals who are enjoying the parade as much as I am. A great cure for cabin fever.


Sorry for the not so good quality of photos, since I did not bring our camera as it was too crowded and I don’t exactly want to flash pricey** things. These photos were taken using my sister’s N8.


What’s the connection of the word “writer” in this post anyway? I’m actually blogging through Windows Live’s Writer. I find it easier since I do not have to log in to WordPress . I can just launch the program from my desktop and blog from there. How-To post for “writer” up next!

*electric Masskara is considered controversial because another festival in another town is actually a glowing street dance event. I prefer to not have a stand in this issue.


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