Lenovo Z480 User Review

I decided to stop using my Compaq CQ35 for work (handed it over to my sister) and get a laptop with a video card.

I’ve been considering my choice carefully, but Lenovo has always been a priority ever since I read about it being formerly IBM. After collecting brochures from different brands (Dell, Samsung, HP..I never considered Acer or Apple), I finally set my mind on my initial choice which was the Lenovo Z480.

Comparing my Z480 to my old CQ35 can’t be helped in this review so I’m going to give you guys a heads up.

Laptop is 14” diagonally. I expected it to be heavier than my CQ35 (which was 13.3”) but it is, to my surprise, lighter.

It’s also my first laptop with a chiclet keyboard, and it is really comfy, your fingers do not feel like they are being crammed into the board.

So what really prompted me to write this review is the touch pad. It’s very sensitive that I would need to disable it while typing, else my cursor jumps around the area. The buttons on it are not that responsive which is quite ironic.

Design-wise, it’s not the eye candy for cutesy users (mine is the black/grey one). Although the red and blue choices provided that, I was still after the classic look.

And I don’t really mind how my computer looks like. I’m quite glad it has a metallic finish instead of piano since fingerprints do pester me.

The power adaptor design is also commendable. It is designed in a way that damages can be minimized. (They bent it on the parts that usually gets damaged)

As for the heat, this laptop is really cool so far even after 9 hours at work.

I’m not a heavy PC gamer since I want to use my Xbox for games as much as I can. However, there are games which are played best through the PC such as The Sims, Diablo, online games etc.

So far, my computer runs the Sims 3 really smoothly, although the loading still takes time because of the mods I have installed. I will write a separate post once I get the time to test this laptop on other games.

For full tech specifications, go to this page: http://www.lenovo.com/products/us/laptop/ideapad/z-series/z480/


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