Switch Sound Converter: Basic and Reliable

I’ve been using the free version of Switch Sound Converter ever since I was in High School (yes, Jurassic times) and I never resorted to other sound converters.


First thing that attracted  me to using this is that it can be downloaded for free. Second, it can convert almost anything to anything without losing quality. It’s especially handy for me when I need to convert my wma rips to mp3.

Check out the available formats it offers to convert:

I install Switch in every computer I use. It’s really light but very accessible when needed.  Once installed in your computer, just right-click the file you wish to convert and an option will be available:

Files can be converted by batch (as easy as highlight -> right-click -> convert) and Switch will do its job quickly. *

Switch is also useful when an mp3 file is a bit huge (some are at 10mb for a 3-minute song!). Mp3 files can be converted or resized to smaller mp3 files which can really contribute to more free space.

Here is a link to its CNET review, and can also be download from here:  http://download.cnet.com/Switch-Sound-File-Converter-Plus/3000-2170_4-10327491.html

*depends on size and number of files



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