Alarming Twitter TTs in the Philippines

I posted this, I guess on a whim. Being on twitter is fun, and at times really informative. One can follow official news sources and get updated instantly.

As a twitter user, I check the Trending topics every now and then to see what’s going on while I live the “clustered” life.

But do check out the trending “topics” in the Philippines as I’m writing this:

However, since the local show PBB Teens aired, the trending topics have been flooded with irrelevant hash tags that do not even make sense.

Personally, I do not understand why fans would want to trend these tags for no reason. Worse, these are just hash tags without any content, non sense in short.

Sometimes, out of curiosity or plain stupidity, I open these hash tags to know what they’re about, only to be bombarded with more head ache:

For some reason, I find this quite alarming. I know they’re just having fun, supporting their “idols” and yes people are free to express themselves.

But where is the responsibility and sense of consideration here? And more importantly, what do they get from this other than inconveniencing other people who might have gone to this section of the twitter world for useful information?


One thought on “Alarming Twitter TTs in the Philippines

  1. armanddc says:

    Yeah, the reason I changed my trends to Philippines was to “escape” the Bieber and 1D trends, but when I saw these trends that won’t seize in being on top, I immediately thought of changing my trends to Indonesia…but that would be inappropriate. I shifted back to ‘Worldwide’, darn.

    I want real topics on TT’s. Not some mad fanatics who want their fave stars to be talked about even though they’re not really worthwhile to be.

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