Should Jason Statham play Agent 47?

After almost three weeks, I’m back with a blog post which does not really  provide solution to global warming, but will at least give peace to my nagging internal reminder.

What do fans of the Hitman game series and action films have in common? Aside from fascination with mass shooting, bad-ass weapons and stakeouts in Russian locations, there’s Jason Statham.

I recently updated my Facebook cover photo to one of Hitman Absolution’s “promotional photo” and remembered the Hitman film based on the game. Would it have been less disappointing had they cast the right actor for Agent 47?

The “resemblance” between Agent 47 and Statham has been a known discussion among Hitman fans, probably since both “Hitman: Silent Assassin” and “The Transporter” came out in 2002.

Below is a video made by a fan of the game and the actor:

Is it the bald head? Silverballers (AMT hardballer)? Suit? (I wanted this to be a short post so I won’t go all scientific and instead just say) Maybe all of these and more.

Personally, I think Statham is a really cool actor and his movies are mindless fun! But being a dedicated Hitman fan since the console version came out, Agent 47 is just too ‘elite’ to be played by an actor whose already known for other roles.

Sometimes, the coolest [game] characters can only be played by an out-of-this-world, never-heard-before actor. I mean Rooney Mara, you haven’t really heard of before, rocked Lisbeth Salander beyond words. What do you think?

Anyway, I’m still excited for Hitman Absolution which will be released later this year:

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