Philippine society on phone directory covers

In a rather late celebration of the Philippine Independence day, I scanned my favourite covers from our phone directory covers.

This is my favourite which is from the yellow pages cover of DPC 2008-2009 Negros*

These artworks depict the Filipino society (although not completely), which is why I saw this as a fitting way of celebrating, here in my blog, Philippine independence from Spanish colonization.

“Munting Pangarap ng mga Batang Pinoy” by Samuel Bulaga
“Magasin” by Kevin Lenard D.V. Cerda
“Family Tree” by Joven Mansit
“Sari-saring Munting Simula” by Jared C. Yolete
“Baratilyo” by Jonathan N. Salvatierra
“And Kabataang Isinusulat ang Tadhana at Pangarap sa espasyo ng dilim ngunit may kaakibat na liwanag” by Edward Allan Garcia

*I cannot tell from the list in the directory what the title or who the artist is. If you do, please let me know! 🙂

I am also quite unsure about the title/artist for some of the artworks since they are not exactly determined. Any corrections are very much welcome.

All rights remain with their respective owners.


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