British Music Rocks

These are some of the bands that I love who prove why English bands  music is amazing. Sure, my favourite bands of all time are Mew (Danish) and The Vines (Aussie) but I’m just surprised how the English has dominated my music folder with songs I can’t get tired of.

And no…the list is not in order. So chill the fuck out.

1. Muse

I haven’t seen this band live yet but watching videos of their live performances, they sound as good as in they do in their albums if not better.

This particular song is my favourite. Killer intro: check. Matt Bellamy’s vocals: amazing.

It’s like electricity traveling through your ears to your brain, reviving you from boredom, and you are thankful you got electrocuted.

2. Oasis

Beatles rip-off or not, this band has made the 90’s worth reminiscing.

This is the song that actually pushed me out of bed an hour ago and prompted me to blog.

3. The Kooks

Alas! A band from my teenage years! I find the accent in “She Moves in her own way” very precious

4. Arctic Monkeys

“Mardy Bum” makes my mornings awesome…that is if I get to stumble upon it on my playlist and I’m lucky. If there’s a particular “attribute” the Arctic Monkeys music has that I love most, it would be their guitar riffs.

5. Coldplay

Among all the bands listed here, Coldplay is not the most overplayed from my library. But their songs have been very comforting, plus their videos are just well awesome. Their music changes me from insensitive thumb to “girl with lots of feelings”…and thank god the change is not permanent.

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