Common Misconceptions about Working from home

It actually took me days to make up this list. There are a lot of misconceptions about working from home, both from prospective telecommuters and “outsiders”. 

scams give you a terrible idea of working from home

Here are some which I usually encounter:

1. People who work from home do not have bosses to answer to

Even freelancers have clients to answer to. For most of us, we have bosses and supervisors whom we regularly correspond with over Skype or YM! 

2.Stress free

No matter where you work, there will always be stress. Just because one works at the comfort of his/her own bedroom does not mean he/she does not experience stress as those who work in offices.

3. Work at home jobs make too much/less money

I’m sure the former misconception is formulated by exaggerated ads constantly popping up when you randomly browse the Internet. 

This actually depends on the type of work you do. Most people I know who work at home do earn a bit more than enough, or at least earn more than those who do not work at home. This does not necessarily mean they earn millions in a week.

If it’s a regular legit job, then expect to be paid well. However, if it involves captcha “data entry”, expect to earn 10 cents or less every 2 hours.

4. You work at your own time

This can be true for freelancers, although they also have deadlines to catch up with. For full time work at home jobs however, some of us are compelled to work regularly at the same days. We have reasonable numbers of days off  just like you too, regular office guys.

Really, the only difference is that we do not go out of our houses for work and barely think about what to wear (barely because I have the temperature to think about teehee)

5. Work at home jobs are not real jobs

This is where I insert the “are you f*cking kidding me?” meme. Businesses employ staff remotely for practicality purposes (time zone, office rental cost etc). Contracts are signed, people work and get paid.

Some people actually work from home for years, most of these jobs are more stable than the “jobs” your local malls offer.

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