Project Runway Philippines Season 3 + Enzo’s audition clip

Fashion is back on Philippine TV! I never really watched Project Runway not because I didn’t like it. It’s just one of the good shows unavailable (including Gossip Girl) in my area thanks to SkyCable.

One reason why I am blogging about this is because one of the people I know quite well is currently a finalist on the show.

None other than the fierce Enzo Elmstherson. (Yep, the same guy who walked rather fashionably during our college grad rehearsals)

Despite the hate tweets Enzo got, you have to admit the show will be boring without a little challenge. (think ANTM cycle 16 without Alexandria and Brittani)

Season 3 Pilot Episode aired last night on ETC (channel 76 in Bacolod ergo sands and nothingness in my area) and trended on twitter for hours!

a little note to those saying “pwede silang mag-tagalog“, not all of the contestants grew up speaking Tagalog. cheers!

One thought on “Project Runway Philippines Season 3 + Enzo’s audition clip

  1. Beaugarte Madrid says:

    I agree, although I super hate Enzo, PR3 would be boring without him. I personally know Cheetah Rivera too, but she fizzled on the personality department. She used to be all fierce and fabulous. I wish she could revive the old animalistic Cheetah – maybe then they can let go of Enzo.

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