Recommend: PCPartsPH

I avoid doing bad reviews. If I don’t like a service, I simply tell the business involved and refrain from power tripping using my blog. For awesome services though, I love spreading the word.

Almost a year ago, my laptop battery died. I had the budget to replace it. Problem was that none of the local suppliers had my battery model in stock.

I came across PCPartsPH 2 months ago while searching the keywords [my laptop battery model]+philippines

PCPartsPH is an online store offering PC and Laptops Parts to Corporate and Individual end-users, who demand value for money. (source)

What I like about it is it’s so easy to purchase stuff! I sent an email asking if they had stocks then got a “yes” as a reply. I was then given their bank details (as I preferred it :P) and was instructed to give delivery details after paying.

A month later, I sent a text message after depositing the amount+shipping. Roderick replied saying they don’t have stocks and will arrive the next week. He as kind enough to offer a refund if I was not willing to wait. But I was, so after one week I got my laptop battery via LBC.

My battery came in good condition, and I am using it now!

I definitely recommend buying parts (especially batteries) from them.


2 thoughts on “Recommend: PCPartsPH

    1. Cee says:

      Hi! The battery is still working although I am no longer using the laptop 🙂 I have made two more orders for my brother’s and my cousin’s laptops and they still work.

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