Lioness: Hidden Treasures review

I got hold of Amy Winehouse’s Lioness album last month. I’ve been wanting to post this review opinion on the album since then, but couldn’t find a better time than now.

I beg to differ. This is the Back Cover

Amy’s Lioness is a chill album. It may not be as fresh as Back to Black was (when it was released) but it still emits Amy’s musical genius.

If the album’s aim was to please the fans with rare renditions, then it has succeeded.

Tears Dry On Their Own” from the album, Back To Black, has this upbeat Motown vibe. In Lioness, we find a track “Tears Dry” which is the original version of the former. This one is slower and more gloomy, yet still infectious.

It also includes “Body and Soul“, Amy’s Grammy Award Winning duet with Tony Bennett.

It just annoys me that there are good songs here like “Like Smoke” which were unfinished but were extended enough to make it to 3 minutes.

Mark Ronson did a good job rearranging  (?) Amy’s vocals from her acoustic cover of “Will You Still Love me Tomorrow”. Most songs in the album are from her “Frank” days, obviously before Back To Black.

This is one CD though, that I could listen to whilst driving without my mum complaining about “noise”. Of all the songs in the album, “Our Day Will Come” never fails to get stuck in my head.

P.S.: The original song line-up can be found behind the CD. I’m really curious how they could have turned out.

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