That 6.9 magnitude Earthquake

Yesterday, a 6.9 magnitude earth quake hit the Visayas area, and had at least 3 after shocks.

There weren’t any serious damages here in Bacolod, Negros Occidental  (except for one aged department store in the downtown area) and everyone is back to business today, although some schools are not yet resuming classes for safety measures.

Our Internet connection went down for  a few hours yesterday. It looks good now but we are still observing it at the moment as aftershocks are still anticipated.

The strongest quake was at the Central Visayas area (Negros Oriental and Cebu). Watching the news, the most affected area is Negros Oriental. Roads were cracked and there are people dead and missing. #prayforvisayas

Photos here.

Thank God for making Bacolod one of the safest and chillest places on Earth.

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