Longest Match in Australian Open History: Nole beats Rafa

After the match where Nole was handed the bottle first, but he gave it to Rafa. Photo from 9GAG

You will barely find me posting about Sports (just wait for 2014 FIFA and this one is an exception). But I really want to blog about last night’s Australian Open match between Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic, where the latter won his third Australian Open Championship.

I sat in front of the TV the whole bloody game. Who knew it was going to be EPIC.

Epic not only because it happened to be the longest Australian Open Tennis  match (5 hour and 53 minutes!), but also because it was a tough match between two stellar players; Nadal and Djokovic. Both men amazingly endured and played so damn well the whole time.

Nadal did not make it easy for the World Number 1 player. He won the first and fourth set, and was ruthless during the fifth set.

Djokovic was calm, but as a fan, I felt that he looked so tired during the fourth set. Well, who wouldn’t be tired playing Tennis until early morning? Other than that, he matched Nadal’s endurance and was back at his game by the fifth set.

The game was even interrupted for some time due to the weather, but it certainly helped both players rest and rethink their steps.

I haven’t seen more tired faces than both Nadal’s and Novak’s whilst their photos together were taken after the match.

P.S. I almost destroyed our couch, cheering for Nole.


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