The Cathedral from a local’s POV

I don’t have the best camera. In fact, I only use my Blackberry Curve 8520’s camera when I feel like taking random pictures. I still haven’t bought a camera for my point and shoot needs.

Anyway, I took lots of photos but only a few made it through my filter. Just like the other Bacoleño locals, I’ve attended masses, lit candles; even slept through anticipated masses many times whilst staring at the chandeliers.

I’d love to write the history of the San Sebastian Cathedral Bacolod in this blog but I guess I know too much, thanks to a tour guide seminar I attended briefly.

Neoclassical Influence.

Photos of the cathedral’s facade and interior are everywhere so the ones I have here are some of its architectural details  worth appreciating.

Wall of the Prayer House. One of my favourite spots around the church. Looks better in day light
above the entrance. i'm not sure if I remember it correctly but choirs used to nest up there.
This used to be the Lady of the Rule's chapel. The intricate iron gate and the sun through the window is more dramatic in real life.
this is an old photo taken with a lesser camera. taken when one can still sit inside what is now known as the new chapel for Nuestra Señora

I’d love to add more (possibly higher quality) photos. I’ll get my own camera and will take the time to take photos. For now, comments are welcome 🙂


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