A Year in Blogging

Voila! My blog has finally turned one year old!

11k hits in a year is not so bad. Each day I check my blog, I feel more motivated to keep on going, knowing that people actually find my posts helpful.

The “one post per week” policy works for me like a charm.

I have updated my banner although I’m not yet satisfied with the design.

This post was written in my Blackberry and I can’t seem to find the read more option..hmmm

Thanks to the people who read my posts. Although you never left a comment despite finding my posts useful or even bothered clicking the like button, the traffic you bring into my site will still inspire me. 🙂

Even if you didn’t really intend to visit my blog, just here to read on the things you need to know. Really, why else would I keep on blogging?

And to my not so active friends and followers who always clicks the check box and deletes my blog notifications in their emails, I know you do it. Don’t worry, I’m human too. 😉 Still, thank you.


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