Screenshots for Blackberry Curve 8520: Screenshot Free vs vScreenshot

Last night, I went on a Blackberry App World Download Spree. I’m not  theme crazy  so I browsed through the productivity category.

S4BB Screen Shot Icon

Aside from a reliable camera, every blogger needs a good screenshot application especially if how-to posts are written most of the time. There are many factors needing consideration when choosing the best screenshot app, aside from star ratings.

In this post, two of Blackberry App World’s top rated screenshot apps will be compared to help you decide which works for you. Although I could be a bit biased, as I already have set my eyes on one of them.

vScreenshot by Vayyoo

Screen Shot FREE and vScreenshot are both rated 4 out of 5 stars by Blackberry users. Screen Shot Free was developed by S4BB Limited, based in Hong Kong; while vScreenshot was developed by Vayyoo Inc, a company with Indian founders based in Canada.

Let’s Get Down to Business

Screen Shot FREE and vScreenshot can be downloaded for free via the app world.

One factor a user must consider before choosing a screenshot app is the supported file type.

Both save the screen shots as JPG files which is easier for WordPress bloggers since WordPress does not accept PNG,  so no conversion is needed.

menu keys for both

S4BB Screeshoot FREE Pros and Cons

I have used this application in my previous posts, before I decided to switch to AFBB due to being constantly annoyed by the watermark.

This application is great because it saves the screenshot files directly to your “Pictures Folder”. This makes accessing and sharing the file using Dropbox or WordPress easier.

Another plus for this application is that it shows the user the screenshot immediately after taking it, so there’s no need to guess how it looks like.

The  only disadvantage for this app is that it’s not completely “FREE”. Unless the full version is purchased, a watermark will appear on all the screenshots and there’ll be no way to change the application’s settings. It will also take around 5 seconds before a screenshot is taken.

vScreenshot Pros and Cons

vScreenshot is totally free above all. Screenshots taken by vScreenshot have no watermarks and the application file size is relatively small (52kb).

taken with vscreenshot

Unlike S4BB Screen Shot, vScreenshot will not show the screenshot after taking it. The user would need to check it in the pictures folder.

Another downside is that the screenshots are saved in a subfolder that is hard for applications like Dropbox and WordPress to locate. I have tried changing the settings by going to Blackberry’s Option > vscreenshot option. It looks like the feature does not work at the moment.

The Judgement

I was so convinced that I would be choosing vScreenshot at the end of this post. The choice actually depends on one’s blogging habits.

If you prefer blogging straight from your phone and you require screenshots, S4BB Screen Shot will make your life easier.

But for those bloggers like me who prefer doing everything on the mother ship (aka laptop); the effort of transferring files from phone to laptop, for the benefit of vScreenshot’s no watermark output, is worth it. 🙂

If you have any questions or more suggestions, please leave a comment below. Grammar Nazis are also welcome.

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