Little Winter Wonderland: Christmas Village of Hope in SM Cebu

The Christmas Village of Hope was actually displayed for a cause. Each house was adopted by the displayed name for Php 5,000, and Php 20,000 for the each train/carriages which move around the village. Children with cancer under Kythe Foundation will get help through this delightful exhibit.

You won’t be able to see this anymore because  the Village has only been displayed until the 2nd of January. If ever you missed it, here are a few more not-so-HD pics I took using my BB Curve.

The snow detail is just adorable.

There were some moving pieces, like this little guy skating around the snack bar.

It’s like one of those villages we see in Hollywood Christmas movies. I wonder how a Pinoy Christmas village would look like: miniature parols, bibingkas…

Again, I apologize for the annoying quality made quite obvious in some of the pics.

  • To Read more about SM Cebu’s Christmas Village of Hope, here’s a Sunstar Article
  • For better looking photos, you may want to check this blog.

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