Bonne Année!

Happy 2012 tout le monde!

(Thank God I have sensible friends who would rather flood this on my Facebook feed. Zooey’s voice is very good.)

2011 has be more than awesome for my blog. As some may know, my blog is my only source of inspiration last year as it was one crazy year for me.

This 2012, I will write more and will make time to explore the world. I gave up my apartment as it is quite impractical to travel whilst renting one.

I’m not one of those bloggers who have SLR cameras as spare body parts but I’m thinking of reviving my Nikon CoolPix 775.

There are a few topics lining up for the first month of 2012, including an album review; and a rant which, I feel, needs to be written soon.

The blog banner will also be updated this week. I haven’t started creating it yet as I am flying to Cebu tonight. I will be back on Wednesday (ROAD TRIP GALORE!) and would start designing by then.

So, cheers to more awesome content plus a great (and relaxed) year ahead for everybody!!!

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