To All The Office Noobs Out There

The problem with most of us these days is that we have this desire to get high paying or executive level jobs the immediately after we leave college.

That is understandable as being a daughter of baby boomers myself, I am also pressured to get a salary close to what my dad gets monthly. We also have this notion that when we get good grades in college, it is equal to a better pay or high level position.

The Brutal Fact

Salaries are based on one’s experience, not on good grades. Sure, your grades can definitely help you attract an interview but companies would opt to give the better post or salary to the applicant who’s had more years of experience that a fresh grad.

I’m not saying that you should ignore your college marks. These will actually give you more access to better jobs than those with marks lower than you. Obvious.

When I had my first job, I was dismayed when I say that my offer was at Php 13,500 per month. I was expecting to get a better compensation because I had awesome grades! NOOB.

Still, my experience with the school paper helped me get a higher basic pay compared to my batch mates who had none.

The Bright Side

Either I didn’t grasp how horrible being called an “office junior” is, or I just have  an awesome workplace.

Because I am considered an office junior, my daily tasks are not as stressful as my other colleagues’. (According to my Business English prof, the higher your position, the greater the pressure)

I don’t make coffee or do photocopies though.

The cool thing is that I am currently learning new and more useful things which I wouldn’t have experienced have I stayed with my higher paying job. (I did learn things there, too!)

So don’t ever feel bad if you’re given menial tasks.

After all, everyone has to start somewhere.

I'm a 9gagger

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