Couleurs Sur Paris: Nouvelle Vague’s Fourth

Nouvelle Vague has again proven their magic in embracing the classics as their own fresh cover in their latest album, Couleurs Sur Paris.

I’ve been a fan of the French band, Nouvelle Vague, ever since I started watching the UK show Sugar Rush. Although, I don’t think the word band fits Nouvelle Vague at all.

I consider Nouvelle Vague an elite collaboration and not a band. First, they don’t have permanent singers. Elite because they always pick the best ones.

Last year, Nouvelle Vague released their fourth album, Couleurs Sur Paris. Unlike their first three albums, they chose to cover French songs instead of those from the UK and US.

Couleurs Sur Paris album cover: feet instead of a face this time

Nouvelle Vague is a cover band, okay? What sets them apart from your usual Starbucks background albums is that they are so good at recreating songs, you’d never know it’s not an original for the first time unless you’ve been around during the 80’s.

I don’t have a copy of the 4th album yet (I have a CD of the first one and I love it) I am super excited to get my hands on one.

I’ve only been listening to their tracks online, and I can say this album is very very different from the other three. There aren’t much samba and bossa nova covers, and the songs are mostly in French.

My favourite French singers Coralie Clement, Yelle and Emily Loizeau are in this album, can it get any better than that?

Coralie Clement
Emily Loizeau

Sweet tunes are nothing new for Coralie and Emily, but you’d be delighted on how good this turned out for Yelle who is known for her catchy electro pop tunes.


I know it’s a year late for me to actually be blogging about this but my blog was not even alive yet when this album came out. reasons, reasons, reasons 😛

It’s never too late to admire their new album. After all, Nouvelle Vague’s covers are considerably timeless.

P.S.: as the songs are covers, I suggest you look up translations first before singing along in public. most especially track 4.

P.P.S.: I’ve been sniffing my givenchy! whilst listening to Vanessa Paradis’ Rendition of  Week-end a Rome from this album. I highly recommend this practice.

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