Facebook Hiatus is a Necessity

Yesterday, I decided to deactivate my Facebook account which means only people from Twitter, and a random bunch from Google may stumble upon this article.


These are some of the reasons why I am leaving Facebook for the moment

1. Distraction
In our small office, we are allowed to check Facebook every now and then, as long as we don’t stay on it all day.

Sounds simple of a rule, but it’s actually quite hard to keep due to real time updates that keep poking you with (1) on your browser tab.

There’s this convincing feeling that if you don’t respond now, it won’t be as much fun later.


After all, it’s that little red notification icon that keeps us coming back for more.

Since my account has been deactivated, I’m not getting all these notifications whenever I decide to log back in. No surprises.

2. Awkward Conversations
It’s true. It happens.

Even when I’m with my closest friends, we may have a lot to talk about online but we get really awkward offline. I guess we feel like we have already said everything online?

3. Silent Coffee Dates
This can be classified under the awkward conversations too. It does not have to be coffee dates. Can be Friday night pizzas or Sunday Brunches.

One thing that annoys me is that when my friends and I sit in a coffee shop or restaurant, everyone almost immediately pulls out their smart phones, get wifi and update people where they are and whom they are with. (I’m guilty too)

Haggin Museum-33
"having fun at the museum with my two best buddies @norah @olive"

During one of my me-times in a coffee shop, I even saw a whole bunch of High School kids sitting together on one table not talking to each other, just “FB-ing”. Really.

Welcome to the new definition of “hang out“.

I say, go out for coffee often, and leave your smart phones at home every time. No one really cares who you are with @ whatever place your are in.

4. Lack of Words
As of the moment, I am tasked to read sports blogs and comment whatever I think about the articles.

Due to people now being used to just pressing the “Like” button and not needing to have an opinion, I decided I had to quit the vice.

You don't have to say anything. This means you agree.

I sometimes even run out of words for my blog, as we are now encouraged to say what we think in less that 140 characters, and be smarter when we go beyond it. (Hi, Twitter!)

Saturday afternoon walks (to IT park XD) are now even incorporated in my routine to help me clear my head.

few reasons to come back

Facebook is a great website to connect with people you already know. (I really don’t believe in making real friends online, sorry)

I just moved in to this city a few months ago and Facebook is the quickest way to chat with my friends and family back home.

I also somehow need it to tell people I’ve updated my blog.

Don’t mistake me for a grandma who thinks Facebook and smart phones are evil. I just feel like I need to balance my real and virtual life, thus reducing my Facebook time.

Just wish me luck. Let’s see how this ends up 🙂 Happy 11/11/11

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5 thoughts on “Facebook Hiatus is a Necessity

  1. Miss Demure Restraint says:

    I have never been on Facebook. I toyed with the idea a short time ago, but decided against it. Some of the reasons are the same as yours for leaving. I found your post very interesting (in a good way) and informative. As to the 140 character limit, well, you might as well just gag me. I can’t say anything in 140 characters. Obviously.

    I really enjoyed your post.

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