Felicia’s makes Bacolod life sweeter

Disclaimer: I am no food critic. This is not even a review.

In my little hometown which is Bacolod, there is a gem of a small dessert shop located inLacson street called Felicia’s.

Felicia’s serve sweets in every possible form you cannot find in malls. Negros has a very bad-ass reputation for its sugar industry which easily explains the accessibility of quality desserts in the city.

Whenever I go out for Saturday afternoon food trips with my high school or college buddies, we always make an effort to save a bit more of our money for a 2 hour luxury dessert at Felicia’s. (luxury was a bit exaggerated, yep)


You can find cakes and sandwiches anywhere inBacolod, but not these French Macarons. The blueberry ones are my favourite. They are sold at Php 36 each.. (or is it 37?) [December 2011 update: these are now sold at 40 per piece]

They also have these wall decorations which caught my attention during my first visit…

Aside from the blueberry macarons, I also fell in love with their mango ice cream cake/float. I know one can make these at home but there’s something special with how Felicia’s make them.

They also happen to serve pizza, which I love but forgot to take a picture because we were already too hungry. You see, Felicia’s has the need to improve their service. Other than that, they have seriously excellent desserts.

Sorry for the lack of pics. I’m going back to BCD by the end of the month so I will most definitely visit Felicia’s. Will take more piccy then!

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4 thoughts on “Felicia’s makes Bacolod life sweeter

  1. Hannah|JuliusMariveles says:

    Nice post. We found Felicia’s a bit overrated, though. We never tried the desserts that you featured here, which could be our fault. Hahaha. Anyways, when we come back there, we will try the ones you had. Btw, hope you can be guest blogger on our site. 🙂

    1. Cee says:

      thanks! it is a bit overrated. but i appreciated it after i tried dessert shops here. i don’t know what to blog on your site but I will definitely do hehehe

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